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FO4B-WS-MDVxx - Fiber OWL 4 BOLT Auto-Wavelength Test Kit

FO4B-WS-MDVxx - Fiber OWL 4 BOLT Auto-Wavelength Test Kit

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  • Product Code: FO4B-WS-MDVxx
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Description: Fiber OWL 4 BOLT / WaveSource MM Auto-test kit with integrated VFL

Fiber OWL 4 BOLT Auto-Wavelength Test Kits come with a Fiber OWL 4 BOLT optical power meter and a WaveSource fiber optic light source (different configurations available), as well as a hard-shell carrying case, protective rubber boots, carrying straps, download cable, 9-volt batteries, NIST-traceable certificate of calibration, and a CD-ROM containing product manuals and OWL Reporter software.


  • Certification of multimode fiber links at 850nm and 1300nm
    Auto-wavelength recognition and automatic data storage
    reduce testing time and human error
  • Integrated fiber optic length tester for accurate link length
  • Data storage for up to 1000 data points including run labels,
    fiber type, and link information including link name, date,
    reference power values, fiber length, and number of splices and
  • Built-in loss wizard for calculation of maximum allowable loss
    values (link budget)
  • USB interface for continuous data logging, report printing, or
    data downloading
  • OWL Reporter software for printing formatted fiber certification
  • Absolute or relative mode for giving you instant pass/fail results
  • Selectively view, delete or resample data points

Supported Cabling Standards:
EIA/TIA 568-B ISO/IEC 11801 10-Gigabit Ethernet
1000Base-SX 1000Base-LX 100Base-FX
10Base-FB 10Base-FL FDDI
ATM-155  ATM-622  Fibre Channel
Token Ring
Also supports 2 user-definable standards

Please Note: The "xx" in our part numbering is an indicator for choosing ST or SC connector. Please specify your preference when ordering

Specification <p><strong>Fiber OWL 4 BOLT Optical Power Meter</strong><br />Conforms to the Harmonized European Standards EN 61326-1 and EN 61010-1.<br />Detector Type InGaAs<br />NIST Traceable 850nm, 1300, 1310nm,<br />Wavelengths 1550nm<br />Additional Wavelengths 980, 1490, 1625nm<br />Optical Power +5 to -70 dBm<br />Measurement Range<br />Accuracy ±0.15 dB<br />Resolution 0.01 dB<br />Battery Life up to 100 hours (9V)<br />Connector Type Universal<br />Data Storage Points up to 1000<br />Download Data Points OWL Reporter Software<br />Power Units Displayed dBm, dB, μW<br />Modes of Operation Simple / Certification<br />Optical Fiber Length up to 25 km<br />Measurement Range<br />Optical Fiber Length ±2.5 meters<br />Measurement Accuracy<br />Battery Capacity Display Yes<br />Backlight Yes<br />NIST Traceable Yes<br />Auto-shutdown Yes<br />Serial Port Diagnostic Yes<br />Operating Temperature -10 to 55 C<br />Storage Temperature -30 to 70 C<br />Width 3.48"<br />Height 6.48"<br />Depth 1.1"<br />Weight 373g (12 oz.)</p><p><strong>WaveSource MM Fiber Optic Light Source<br /></strong>Conforms to the Harmonized European Standards EN 61326-1 and EN<br />61010-1.<br />Launch Method (multimode) LED<br />Connector ST, SC, or FC<br />Center Wavelength (850nm)<br />Center Wavelength (1300nm)<br />Spectral Width (FWHM; 850 nm) 50nm<br />Spectral Width (FWHM; 1300nm) 180nm<br />Output Power -20.0 dBm<br />Initial Accuracy 0.1 dB<br />Ouput Modes Continuous Wave<br />Modulated<br />Battery Life up to 30 hrs.<br />Battery Type 9V alkaline<br />Battery Capacity Display Yes<br />Operating Temperature 0 to 55° C<br />Storage Temperature 0 to 75° C<br />Width 2.75"<br />Height 4.94"<br />Depth 1.28"<br />Weight 154g</p>

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